2015 • 6th Annual ECMH Conference

September 17-19, 2015

Crowne Plaza Hotel, San Diego, CA

Trauma Informed Care: A Lifelong Perspective for Living Well

Local, county and state professionals gathered over three days to review evidence based practices for prevention, screening, assessment, and treatment of children and families with trauma. Presentations and workshops were specifically focused on answering the following question: “What can we use from ECMH knowledge to help other children who usually don’t receive early assessment and treatment?” The keynote speakers set the stage by presenting the science and clinical knowledge gained over the past 20 years that inform what can be done to help support those who have experienced trauma and neglect as well as those from different cultural backgrounds. The workshops demonstrated evidence-based treatment approaches for prevention, screening, assessment, intervention, and clinical efforts designed for children and families with trauma. These workshops were devised to take the mystery out of trauma-informed care and help re-establish our normal developmental drives and support experiences that can get us back to “Living Well.”

The 2015 conference had 586 individuals attending, all within the target audience of those who provide support, assessment, treatment, education and care to children and families with trauma.

In addition to the 32 main break-out sessions, 4 plenaries/keynote sessions, and half-day program on Saturday, the exhibit hall featured 19 exhibitors that included community providers, university programs, children’s toys, jewelry, clothing, and a bookstore.

Distinguished Keynote Speakers:

Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD – Internationally recognized authority on children in crisis. Senior Fellow of the Child Trauma Academy (www.ChildTrauma.org) and best-selling author of The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog, a best-selling book based on his work with maltreated children, and Born For Love: Why Empathy is Essential and Endangered. His most recent multimedia books, BRIEF: Reflections on Childhood, Trauma, and Society and RESILIENT: Six Core Strengths for Healthy Development

Chondra Ghosh Ippen, PhD –  Associate Director of the Child Trauma Research Program at the University of California, San Francisco and the Director of Dissemination for Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), an evidence-based treatment for young children who have experienced trauma.

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